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Sitting underneath the SAILING Champions League: Asia Pacific (which is the regional championship) each country in this Asia Pacific region can establish its own National Sailing League (NSL) as is the model in Europe with 19 different NSL’s.  In Australia given the vast distances and strong State based structure, separate ‘State Leagues’ will be created to develop League Sailing at a local level in each State.

Each of these separate State Leagues will be the training ground at club level and the introduction to the SAILING Champions League.  State Leagues may differ from each other to suit the local situation and may vary from a single regatta through to an annual series of legs that culminate into a State League Final and may be raced in different locally available boats.  What is important is that they deliver Umpired short course sailing in a Club vs Club format, whereby all clubs large and small compete on a level playing field and race in mixed male/female teams.

The winning clubs (both U22 and Open) from each State League will then directly qualify for their respective SAILING Champions League: Asia Pacific Final and able to bypass the SCL:AP Qualification Regatta(s).

To kick this off for the 2021/22 season, we have launched the VIC Sailing League and the SA Sailing League and hope to expand this to other States in 2022/23.



2021 SAILING Champions League: Asia Pacific - QUALIFIER 2 (Newcastle)


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2021 SAILING Champions League: Asia Pacific - FINALS (Newcastle)