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NOTICE OF RACE – 2020 SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific: FINAL (Open)


The SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific (SCL-APAC) is a regatta series for the best sailing clubs in Asia Pacific and the pathway for clubs to qualify to compete in the SAILING Champions League Finals in Europe in 2020.  The SCL-APAC season 2020 consists of the following events:

  • SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific: QUALIFIERS 1 & 2, qualification regattas for the SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific – FINAL (26/27 January at RGYC & 14/15 March at HHSC).
  • SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific – FINAL (3/4/5 April at RSYS) – this Notice of Race –
  • SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific – WOMEN’S & YOUTH REGATTA (17/18/19 April at NCYC)


The Organising Authority (OA) is the National Sailing League in association with the clubs listed in clause 2.


The venue, event date and entry fees for the event is as follows:

Event Event Dates Venue and Club Entry Fee Entries Close
SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific: FINAL April 3, 4,5 2020 Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
33 Peel Street
Kirribilli. NSW. 2061
(ex GST)
March 31st 2020


Each regatta is a short course umpired fleet racing event. Each race is sailed between 6-8 identical one-design boats. Each race is 12-15 minutes. Teams rotate through the boats as the event progresses ensuring all teams sail in all boats and against other teams as many times as practical.
Teams are allocated to a boat in a race using the Pairing List which will be published before the first warning signal of the first day of racing.
Each regatta consists of a Qualifying Series (10-15 flights scheduled) and a final series. At the end of the Qualifying Series the top 4 placed boats qualify for the Final Series. The highest place boat in the Qualifying Series starts the Final Series with 1 win. The first boat to win two races is the winner of the Final Series.
The Race Committee may change the format, terminate or eliminate any flight or race, when conditions or the remaining time scheduled do not permit the completion of the intended format.

4.     COURSE

Courses will be windward/leeward, finishing downwind.
Course area details can be found on the online notice board (ONB).


The event will be sailed on the boats provided by the OA using only the equipment (sails, rig, sheets etc) provided by the OA.
The following sails will be provided for each boat: Mainsail, Jib, Spinnaker.

6.     CREW

The number of crew (including the skipper) shall be 4.  At least one member of the crew shall be female. For all-female and all-youth crews, the number of crew members may be up to 5 (including the skipper).
The registered skipper shall helm the boat at all times while racing, except in an emergency. All registered crew shall sail all races.
When a registered skipper is unable to continue in the event the Race Committee may authorise an original team member to substitute.
When a registered team member other than the skipper is unable to continue in the event the Race Committee may authorise a substitute, a temporary substitute or other adjustment.


Only invited member clubs of National Sailing league will be eligible to enter. Invitations will be extended to the top 6 placed teams from the SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific: Qualifiers 1&2 as well as 6 teams from Asia and 6 teams from the Pacific.  The OA reserves the right to invite other teams to participate.
There will be up to 24 clubs participating in each event. The OA reserves the right to change the number of participating clubs.
All team members shall be current financial members of their participating clubs. All team members must have a current and active Identification number from their Member National Authority (eg Australian Sailing Number).
There is no restriction on crew World Sailing category.
There is no crew weight limit. There is a maximum of 5 and a minimum of 4 crew. Teams shall maintain the same crew for the entire regatta.
Crew must be at least 13 years old. The helmsman must be at least 16 years old.
Women’s team shall consist of all female members.
Youth crew must be less than 22 years old as at 1st January 2021 and include at least one female crew.
Entries must be received and paid no later than the date specified in clause 2.

Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of Race Committee, and if accepted will be subject to a late fee of 50% of the Entry Fee.
A non-refundable Entry Fee as specified in clause 2 shall accompany the entry.
Crew details shall be provided no later than 1 week prior to the first warning signal.
Crew changes shall be notified in writing to the Race Committee no later than first warning signal.


The indicative programme for the event is as follows. The event programme will be published on the ONB.

Day 108:00
– Breakfast and Skippers Briefing
– Earliest Warning Signal
– Post Racing Party
Day 208:00
– Breakfast and Skippers Briefing
– Earliest Warning Signal
– Post Racing Party
Final Day08:00
As soon as possible after last race
– Skippers Briefing
– Earliest Warning Signal
– Latest Warning Signal
– Prizegiving Ceremony


The top Australian, top Asian and top Pacific team’s at the conclusion of the regatta will be invited to represent their clubs and compete in the SAILING Champions League – FINAL to be held Porto Cervo, Sardinia 1-4 October 2020.
Additional teams may be invited at the discretion of the OA.

10.  RULES

Each event will be governed by

  • Racing Rules of Sailing, including Addendum Q rules for umpired fleet races; and,
  • Prescriptions and Special Regulations Part 2 of Australian Sailing; and,
  • Sailing Instructions for each event.
  • Boat Handling and Other Rules published in or as addenda to the Sailing Instructions

Class rules will not apply.
The Official Notice Board (ONB) for each event is online at


All racing will be fully umpired.

RRS 60.1 is deleted and replaced with
Except as provided in the Umpired Fleet Racing Addendum to the Sailing Instructions, a boat shall not protest another boat or request redress.


Each boat may be required to display advertising as supplied by the OA.
If required by the Organising Authority, each crew will:

  • Wear the event supplied bib at all times while on the water;
  • Display the event supplied battle flag at all times while on the boat;
  • Only display advertising in accordance with Organising Authority Competitor Advertising Guidelines which can found on the ONB.


No coach or support boats are allowed.


All competitors are required to have personal injury insurance. Note: current financial members of their relevant World Sailing Member National Authority comply with this requirement.


An initial damage deposit of $2,500 shall be paid prior to completion of registration (pre-authorisation on credit card). Any remaining deposit after the event will be refunded immediately following the event. In the case of damage, the OA will decide if some or all of the deposit will be used for the damages. The excess of the participant is limited to the amount of the deposit per claim, unless the damage was caused wilfully or grossly negligent. If several cases of damage occur to a participant within a regatta, he/she can participate in the repair of the damage per claim with the amount of the deposit. If the cost of repairing a claim is less than the amount of the deposit, the participant will receive the remaining amount from his deposit.


If required by the Race Committee:

  • Media personnel and equipment supplied by the OA shall be carried on board while racing.
  • Competitors shall wear microphones and cameras supplied by the OA during racing and be available for interviews when advised by the OA or Race Committee.
  • Registered skippers shall wear communications equipment supplied by the OA that will allow commentators to communicate with them whilst racing.

Competitors shall not interfere with the normal working of any supplied media or tracking equipment.
The OA have the right to use any images and sound recorded during the event free of any charge.


All data regarding participating athletes will be utilised and archived by us for the purpose of each event and the Sailing Champions League series. Personal information includes the participant’s real name, date of birth, and home club. In particular, results, and visual analyses, position monitoring and race analyses will be published with reference to the competitors’ names. In order to achieve this, your data will be transferred to our service providers and to governing bodies including Sailing Champions League GMBH and World Sailing. It cannot be ruled out that your data will be processed outside of Australia. Our service providers and governing bodies have been or will be committed by us, to exclusively use your data for the event and its preparation and post processing, including ranking lists and global multi event scorecards. Commercial use of your data is prohibited. The use of your data is governed by Australian law.

18.  FINE PRINT (but it’s still important)

The responsibility for the decision to participate in a race or to continue with it is solely with the skipper; to that extent the skipper also accepts full responsibility for the crew. The skipper is responsible for the qualification and the correct nautical conduct of the crew.

In cases of Force Majeure or on grounds of administrative orders or for safety reasons, the organiser is entitled to make changes in the realisation of an event or to cancel an event. This does not constitute any liability by the organiser towards the participant, if the reasons for the changes or the cancellation do not result from a wilful or grossly negligent behaviour of the organiser. In case of a violation of obligations that do not constitute primary or material contractual duties (cardinal obligations), the liability of the organiser for financial and property damages incurred by the participant during or in connection with the participation in the event and resulting from a conduct of the organiser, its representatives, servants or agents, is restricted to damages that were caused wilfully or grossly negligent. When a violation of cardinal obligations occurs due to minor negligence, the liability of the organiser is limited to foreseeable, typical damages. To the extent that the liability for damages of the organiser is excluded or restricted, the participant also relieves the staff – employees and representatives, agents, servants, sponsors and individuals who provide or drive salvage, safety or rescue vessels or assist with their use from the individual liability for damages, as well as also all other individuals who were instructed to act in connection with the realisation of the event. The effective racing rules of World Sailing, the administrative regulations regatta-sailing, the class rules as well as the regulations of the invitation to the competition and the sailing instructions are to be complied with and are expressly recognised.
NSW law shall prevail.

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