Standard Penalties

These instructions form part of the Sailing Instructions for the event.

Clauses in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions may be marked with [SP]. SP means Standard Penalty.

 [SP] denotes a rule for which a standard penalty will be applied by the race committee without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1, Appendix A4 and Appendix A5. SPs for this event are listed in Addendum 1. A breach of any rule in this Attachment by a Team shall not be grounds for protest by another team. This changes RRS 62.1(a).

When this Attachment or the sailing instructions specify a percentage, the penalty shall be that percentage of the score for Did Not Finish, rounded to the nearest whole number (0.5 rounded upward). The scores of other Teams shall not be changed; therefore, two Teams may receive the same score.

The Organising Authority for the event will publish a list of SPs.

For the purposes of this Attachment, Race Committee includes members of the Race Committee as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, Umpires and the Event Directors (on-water and on-shore).

Where a clause is marked [SP] this means that for a breach of this clause (NoR or SI), and where the Team is identified, the Race Committee will apply the SP without a hearing.

Unless otherwise specified in the Sailing Instructions, the SP applied by the Race Committee shall be the penalty listed in this Attachment.

The Race Committee, in addition to applying a SP, may protest the Team or support person.

The Race Committee are the only ones who can apply a SP.

A breach of any rule in this Attachment by a Team shall not be grounds for protest by another Team. This changes RRS 62.1(a).

SPs applied under this Attachment shall be summed across the event. The sum of all SPs shall be added to a Team’s score.

Although the Race Committee may have applied a SP, the Protest Committee or Race Committee may, in the case of repeated or more serious breaches, at their discretion to protest the Team and possibly apply a further penalty.