Boat Handling Instructions

These instructions form part of the Sailing Instructions for the event.

    While all reasonable steps are taken to equalize the boats, variations will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.
    A breach the Boat Handling Rules Appendix is not open to protest by boats but is subject to action by umpires in accordance with the Sailing Instructions.
    Except in an emergency or to prevent damage or injury, or when directed by an umpire or the RC otherwise, the following are prohibited:
    2.1. Any additions, omissions or alterations to the equipment supplied.
    2.2. The use of any equipment for purpose other than that intended or specifically permitted.
    2.3. The replacement of any equipment without the sanction of the RC.
    2.4. Sailing the boat in a manner that is reasonable to predict that further damage would result.
    2.5. Moving equipment from its normal stowage position except when being used.
    2.6. Boarding a boat without prior permission.
    2.7. Taking a boat from its berth or mooring without having paid the required damage deposit or having permission from the RC, or, on race days, while ‘AP’ is displayed ashore.
    2.8. Hauling out a boat or cleaning surfaces below the waterline.
    2.9. Attaching lines to the fabric of spinnakers.
    2.10. Using any other lines excluding sheets to assist with leverage.
    2.11. Perforating sails, even to attach tell tales.
    2.12. Adjusting or altering the tension of standing rigging.
    2.13. Omitting any headsail car or turning block before sheeting.
    2.14. The use of electronic equipment other than watches.
    2.15. Marking directly on the hull or deck with permanent ink.
    2.16. Any adjustments to the spinnaker bags or their attachments.
    2.17. The use of the shrouds above the lower bottle screw (turnbuckle) to facilitate tacking or gybing, or to aid the projection of a crew member outboard is prohibited.
    2.18. Extending the bowsprit on any leg of the course when racing with symmetric spinnakers except when hoisting or retrieving spinnakers.
    2.19. Smoking onboard a boat
    2.20. Consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs before or whilst onboard a boat
    The following are permitted:
    Taking a bag on board containing:
    a) Basic hand tools
    b) Adhesive tape
    c) Line (elastic or otherwise of 4 mm diameter or less)
    d) Marking pens
    e) Telltale material
    f) Watch, timers & hand held compass
    g) Shackles & clevis pins
    h) Velcro tape
    i) Spare flags
    Using the items above to:
    a) Prevent the fouling of lines, sails & sheets
    b) Prevent sails being damaged or falling overboard.
    c) Mark control settings
    d) Make minor repairs & permitted adjustments
    e) Attach tell tales
    f) Make signals as per RRS C6
    The following are mandatory:
    4.1. At the end of each sailing day:
    a) Folding, bagging & placement of the sails as directed
    b) Leaving the boat in the same state of cleanliness as when first boarded that day
    4.2. At the end of each day for the crew shall clean the boat (cabin & decks), remove all trash, remove all tape & marks & use bucket & sponge to remove any water from bilge.
    4.3. Any requests to alter, in any way, the equipment on a boat shall be in writing & worded to permit a yes/no answer.
    4.4. Complying with any regulations, including speed restrictions & navigation marks, while leaving or returning to the berth or mooring.
    4.5. A breach of Boat Handling Rules will be considered damage & the cost of rectification will be deducted from the damage deposit.
    All damage must be reported to the Umpires as soon as possible after the damage occurs but no later than the changeover of crews.
    If so determined by the Umpires the cost of damage will be deducted from the damage deposit.
    If the damage is reported after the changeover and before the start signal, the damage will be deducted from the damage deposit of the Team which sailed the boat in the race immediately prior.
    The following non-fixed items, provided by the OA, are to be carried on board at all times in their designated place while sailing. Any loss shall be reported to the Umpires.
    Sails & Sailing Equipment
    a) Mainsail & set of battens
    b) Headsail
    c) Spinnaker
    d) Spinnaker sheets
    e) One headsail sheet
    f) Tiller extension
    g) Safety gear, tools & other equipment
    h) One bucket & lanyard with sponge
    i) Tow rope