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SAILING INSTRUCTIONS – 2020 SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific: Qualifier 2 (Northern)
Includes Amendment: 1

[SP] denotes a rule for which a standard penalty will be applied by the Umpires without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1, Appendix A4 and Appendix A5. SPs for this event are listed in Attachment 6. A breach of any rule in Attachment 6 by a boat shall not be grounds for protest by another boat. This changes RRS 62.1(a).

Attachments (forming part of these Sailing Instructions)

Attachment (Click to download)
Standard Course Diagram
Boat Handling
World Sailing Addendum Q (Amended)
Standard Penalties
Special Regulations for the Race Area

Table 1 – Event Specific Definitions

Defined TermMeaning
Event Organising AuthorityHunters Hill Sailing Club
Regatta OfficeHunters Hill Sailing Club
VenueHunters Hill Sailing Club
Clarke Rd, Woolwich NSW 2110
Onshore Notice BoardAdjacent the Regatta Office
Online Notice Board
Onshore Signal MastLawn in front of the clubhouse
Race AreaThe waters of Sydney Harbour off Clarkes point
Windward Marks3 Inflatable marks – Pink / Orange / Green (from left to right)
Gate Marks2 Pink inflatable marks
Start/Finish MarkInflatable Black/White chequered mark
Class FlagHHSC Burgee
Race Area Special RegulationsSydney Harbour Special Regulations

    1.1 The Organising Authority (OA) is the National Sailing League in association with the Event Organising Authority listed in Table 1.
  2. RULES
    2.1 The event will be governed by
    (a) Racing Rules of Sailing; and,
    (b) All races will be umpired under Addendum Q as amended for the event and approved by Australian Sailing under rule 86.3; and,
    (c) Prescriptions and Special Regulations Part 2 of Australian Sailing; and,
    (d) Sailing Instructions for this event.
    (e) Attachments to these Sailing Instructions
    2.2 Class rules will not apply.
    2.3 In case of conflicts between the NoR and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructions take precedence.
    2.4 The Official Notice Board (ONB) for this event is identified in Table 1.
    2.5 Notices may also be posted on the Onshore Notice Board identified in Table 1.
    3.1 Changes to the sailing instructions will be posted on the Official Notice Board or distributed to all teams not later than 30 minutes before they will take effect, except that any change to the time schedule of races will be posted by 21:00 the day before it will take effect.
    3.2 Oral changes may be given either on the water, by the Umpires or ashore.
  4. VENUE
    4.1 The venue will the venue identified in Table 1.
    4.2 Additional information about the venue can be found on the event website under Venue Information.
    5.1 The regatta is a short course umpired fleet racing event. Each Qualifying Series race is sailed in 6-8 identical one-design boats. Teams rotate through the boats as the event progresses.
    5.2 Teams are allocated to a boat in a race using the Draw which will be published before the first warning signal of the first day of racing. The Race Committee may amend and republish the Pairing List before the first warning signal of the day.
    5.3 The regatta consists of a Qualifying Series and a Final Series. At the end of the Qualifying Series the top 4 placed boats qualify for the Final Series. The highest place boat in the Qualifying Series starts the Final Series with 1 win. The first boat to win two races is the winner of the Final Series.
    5.4 The Race Committee may change the format, terminate or eliminate any race, when conditions or the remaining time scheduled do not permit the completion of the intended format.
    5.5 The Qualifying Series may be ended after any race on the last day of racing.
    5.6 Final Series:
    (a) The boats race until one boat has two wins, which concludes the event. This means that between 1 and a maximum of 4 races will be sailed in the final series.
    (b) The top ranked boat of the Qualifying Series is granted one win for final series.
  6. CREW
    6.1 The number of crew (including the skipper) shall be 4. At least one member of the crew shall be female. All registered crew shall sail all races.
    6.2 For all-female and all-youth crews, the number of crew members shall be up to 5 (incl. skipper).
    6.3 The registered skipper shall helm the boat at all times while racing, except in an emergency.
    7.1 A provisional programme is shown below. Any updated programme will be posted on the Official Notice Board prior to 20:00 of the day prior.
    Saturday 14th 08:30
    - Registration
    - Skippers & crews Briefing / breakfast
    - Earliest Warning Signal
    - Post Racing hospitality
    Sunday 15th08:00
    ASAP after Qualifying Races
    ASAP after last race / 18:00
    - Skipper & crew Briefing
    - Earliest Warning Signal
    - Latest Warning Signal (Qualifying races)
    - Commencement of Final Series asap after conclusion of Qualifying Races
    - Prizegiving Ceremony
    8.1 Signals made ashore will be displayed on the flag pole in front of the Clubhouse.
    8.2 When flag AP is displayed ashore, “1 minute” is replaced with “not less than 20 minutes” in the RRS race signal AP. This changes Race Signals.
    9.1 The Class Flags are identified in Table 1 – Event Specific Definitions.
    10.1 The Race Area is identified in Table 1 – Event Specific Definitions.
  11. COURSE
    11.1 Attachment 1 shows the course and the order in which marks are to be rounded or passed and their required side. Mark Rounding order takes precedence over the illustration.
  12. MARKS
    12.1 Marks W1, W2 and W3 are identified in Table 1. The marks are numbered 1,2, 3 from left to right when viewed from the course side.
    12.2 Marks W1, W2 or W3 shall be left to port.
    12.3 The Race Committee will signal which of W1, W2 or W3 is to be rounded as the windward mark by displaying the corresponding number or colour on a course board or displaying the corresponding numeral pennant or coloured flag no later than 1 minute before the start signal. This amends RRS 27.1.
    12.4 All marks are identified in Table 1.
  13. START
    13.1 The starting line is between the Start Mark (identified in Table 1) or an orange flag on a race committee boat at the port end of the line and an orange flag on the race committee boat at the starboard end of the line.
    13.2 RRS 26 is deleted. Races will be started using a “3-2-1-Go” system as described below. The “3”, “2”, “1” signals will be numeral pennants.
    Mins to StartVisual SignalSound SignalMeaning
    3Class Flag, “1”, “2”, “3”1 SoundWarning and Preparatory Signal. The Preparatory Signal is deemed to be Code Flag U (Amends RRS 30.3)
    2“3” Removed1 SoundTwo minutes
    1“2” Removed1 SoundOne minute
    Start“1” and Class Flag removed1 SoundStarting signal

    13.3 Times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded.
    13.4 Boats that start later than 3 minutes after their starting signal will be scored DNS without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1, A4 and A5.
    13.5 RRS 30.3 is amended by deleting “If flag U has been displayed,”. The Umpires will inform a boat penalised under this rule, following which the boat shall discontinue racing.
    13.6 Subsequent races will be started immediately after crew changes have finished.
    14.1 The Race Committee may change the windward mark by displaying Code Flag “C” with repeated sound signals and displaying a board with “1”, “2” or “3”, or corresponding colour or corresponding numeral pennant or coloured flag to designate the new windward mark. This amends RRS 33.
    15.1 A shortened course will be designated by displaying Code Flag S on the Committee Vessel and making two sound signals no later than 1 minute prior to the starting signal. Boats will sail the Shortened Course as shown in Attachment 1. This amends RRS 32.
    16.1 The finishing line is between the Finish Mark (identified in Table 1) or an orange flag on a Race Committee boat at the starboard end of the line and an orange flag on the Race Committee signal boat at the port end of the line.
    17.1 The Pairing List will be published prior to the first Warning Signal of the first Race of the day on which it takes effect.
    17.2 The Pairing List identifies which teams are competing in which boats for a specific race.
    17.3 Changeover Boats will display either by flags or on a board, the numbers of the racing boats for which they are changing crews. That is, a Changeover Boat displaying “3” will change the team on Race Boat 3.
    17.4 Teams scheduled to sail in a race and who are not already sailing, shall be present and ready to sail at the Changeover Marshalling Area and in the vicinity of the relevant Changeover Boat no later than the Start Signal of the immediately previous race.
    17.5 The Changeover Boats will leave the Changeover Marshalling Area no later than when the last boat in the current race has passed through the Gate or as otherwise directed by the Changeover Marshall.
    17.6 As soon as possible after crossing and clearing the Finish Line, teams shall lower spinnakers and proceed promptly to the Changeover Area, and, come alongside the Changeover Boat displaying the number of their Race Boat.
    17.7 The Race Officer may commence the Starting Sequence prior to changeover being completed.
    17.8 After crossing and clearing the Finish Line, teams shall sail promptly and directly to shore.
    18.1 Competitors shall follow the directions of the Race Committee and Umpires.
    18.2 Prior to the first race of a session, teams shall not leave the shore until signalled by the Onshore Event Director.
    19.1 The target time for each race is between 10 – 15 minutes.
    19.2 The Time limit for first boat finishing is 25 minutes.
    19.3 A boat that does not finish within 5 minutes after the first boat has finished will be scored DNF. This changes RRS 35, A4 and A5.
    19.4 Failure to meet Target Times is not ground for protest or redress by a competitor. This changes RRS 62.
    20.1 Add to the definition Proper Course:
    A boat taking a penalty or manoeuvring to take a penalty is not sailing a proper course.
    20.2 Add new rule 8 to Part 1:
    The umpires will assume that the state of a boat, or her relationship to another boat, has not changed, until they are certain that it has changed.
    20.3 RRS 14 AVOIDING CONTACT is deleted and replaced with
    A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if reasonably possible.
    20.4 RRS 31 is deleted and replaced with
    While racing, neither the crew nor any part of a boat’s hull shall touch a starting mark before starting, a mark that begins, bounds or ends the leg of the course on which she is sailing, or a finishing mark after finishing. In addition, while racing, a boat shall not touch a race committee vessel that is also a mark.
    20.5 RRS 44 is amended in accordance with Attachment 5 Addendum Q Umpired Fleet Racing.
    20.6 RRS 63.1 is amended to include “An Umpire may penalise a team under Attachment 6 – Standard Penalties for a beach of RRS 2.”
    21.1 All racing will be fully umpired. In accordance with World Sailing Addendum Q as modified by these Sailing Instructions. The modified Addendum Q is Attachment 5.
    21.2 RRS 60.1 is deleted and replaced with
    Except as provided in Attachment 5 to the Sailing Instructions, a boat shall not protest another boat or request redress.
    22.1 Qualifying Series
    (a) RRS Appendix A Low point system will be used under RSS for all races of the Qualifying Series. DNC, DNS, OCS, DNF, DNE, RET, DSQ all score points equal to the number of boats scheduled in each race. This changes RRS A4, A5
    (b) Three races are required to be completed by all competitors in order to constitute a valid Qualifying Series.
    (c) Each team’s score will be the total sum of all their race scores.
    (d) If at the end of the Qualifying Series, some of the teams have sailed less races due to scheduled races not being started, the teams missing a race will be scored according to RRS A10 (a). This changes RRS A2 and A5.
    22.2 Final Series
    (a) The Final Series will be scored as a separate series.
    (b) The Final Series will consist of a minimum of one race and a maximum of 4 races. The Final Series will complete when a boat has scored 2 first places.
    (c) The winner of the Qualifying Series will be awarded one first place in the Final Series prior to the start of the first race of the Final Series.
    (d) RRS Appendix A Low point system will be used under RSS for all races of the Final Series. DNC, DNS, OCS, DNF, DNE, RET, DSQ all score 5 points. This changes RRS A4, A5
    (e) The first team to score two wins will be the winner of the Final Series. All other team’s score will be the total sum of all their race scores. This changes RRS A2.1.
    (f) If at the end of the Final Series there is a tie between two or more Teams, the tie will broken by ranking the Teams in order of their scores in the Qualifying Series. If a tie still remains, the tie will be broken using the scores of the last race of the Final Series. If a tie still remains it will stand as the result of the Final Series.
    22.3 If a team is unable to start a race because the organiser cannot supply a boat for them, the team will have an average score for this race, according to RRS A10 (b). This changes RRS A4 and A5
    22.4 The Race Committee may impose a penalty on a team in accordance with Attachment 6 – Standard Penalties. A list of Standard Penalties will be posted on the ONB.
    22.5 The overall placings for the event will be:
    (a) Places 1st through 4th: the placings from the Final Series; and, f
    (b) Places 5th and thereafter: the placings from the Qualifying Series
  23. SAFETY [SP]
    23.1 Each crew member must wear a personal flotation device when afloat. Except while briefly changing or adjusting personal clothing. Wet suits and dry suits are not considered as a personal flotation device.
    23.2 A team that retires from a race shall immediately notify the race committee.
    23.3 There may be restricted areas. These areas are prohibited to sail in and are an obstruction. The restricted areas may be identified at the Competitors Briefing.
    23.4 If specified in Table 1, the Attachment – Special Regulations for the Race Area will apply These relate to commercial shipping and other local regulatory requirements of the Race Area. A team failing to comply with any of the Special Regulations for the Race Area will be penalised in accordance with Attachment – Standard Penalties.
    24.1 When a skipper or crew is unable to continue in the event, a crew change shall be requested in writing to the Event Director as soon as possible. The Event Director has absolute discretion to approve or deny a crew change request.
    24.2 Substitution of damaged or lost equipment and repairs may only be done by the Organising Authority repairer, or under their management.
    25.1 The official boats will be marked with white flags with the following text:
    Race Committee: “Official”
    Repair boat: Flag “Official”
    Umpire boat: “U“
    Media boat: “Media”
    26.1 While racing, a team shall not use any electronic devices except a watch for timing the start. If this watch has functions other than the clock, they shall not be used.
  27. DAMAGE [SP]
    27.1 After the crew change the new crew will inspect the boat immediately. If there is damage, the crew shall hail the Umpires immediately. The repair service will then come to the boat if necessary.
    27.2 If there is a damage to a boat, the team shall complete a damage report as described in Attachment 3.
    27.3 Each skipper is responsible for the damage or loss to their boat unless responsibility is otherwise assigned by the umpires.
    28.1 Each boat may be required to display advertising as supplied by the Organising Authority.
    28.2 If required by the Organising Authority, each crew will:
    28.3 Wear the event supplied bib at all times and in the manner prescribed by the Organising Authority while on the water;
    28.4 Display the event supplied battle flag at all times while on the boat;
    28.5 Only display advertising in accordance with National Sailing League Competitor Advertising Guidelines which can found on the ONB.
    29.1 No coach or support boats are allowed. Teams will be penalised in accordance with Attachment 6 – Standard Penalties for each race in which they are sailing and this Sailing Instruction has been breached in the opinion of the Chief Umpire, Race Officer or On Water Regatta Director.
    29.2 Repeated breaches of this Sailing Instruction will be penalised in accordance with Attachment 6 – Standard Penalties.
  30. Special Regulations for Race Area Control and Safety [SP]
    30.1 Competitors shall comply with any Special Regulations for Race Area identified in Attachment 7.
    31.1 If required by the OA:
    (a) Media personnel and equipment supplied by the OA shall be carried on board while racing.
    (b) Competitors shall wear microphones and cameras supplied by the OA during racing and be available for interviews when advised by the OA or RC.
    (c) Registered skippers shall wear communications equipment supplied by the OA that will allow commentators to communicate with them whilst racing.
    31.2 Competitors shall not interfere with the normal working of the supplied media equipment.
    31.3 The OA have the right to use any images and sound recorded during the event free of any charge.
  32. FINE PRINT (but it’s still important)
    32.1 The responsibility for the decision to participate in a race or to continue with it is solely with the skipper; to that extent the skipper also accepts full responsibility for the crew. The skipper is responsible for the qualification and the correct nautical conduct of the crew. Attention is drawn to RRS 4.